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Ten Key Benefits of ARM 10.1 ‘Agora’

Advanced Requisition Management has long been regarded as a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use requisition tool, providing best-in-class procurement controls, collaboration workflow and management visibility. However, as reliable and functional as i...

ARM vs Standard Requisitions in Epicor

Sometimes the question is raised; “So, what does ARM do that standard Epicor doesn’t?” The answer to that can be both simple and complex... In short, ARM provides additional control of (and visibility to) the procurement process, which extend beyo...

ARM vs eProcurement

ARM is the go-forward strategy for Epicor when it comes to procurement and the below article highlights a few of the main reasons as to why. With regards to eProcurement, there are several key strategic aspects to note. Changing Brow...


Keeping tight control over capital and operational expenditure is a critical priority for any organization. Improved process efficiencies and controlled, consolidated spending will help your organization realize the financial and service benefits ...