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POS Integration Value Discussion

and orders... A retail POS system should be implemented with the following objectives: • To deliver the best possible shopping experience for the customer • To make it as easy as possible for the company’s customer service/sales people to prov...

Precise POS Inventory Management Suite

As much as a retail environment is about selling to customers, running a retail store is about keeping track of your inventory – making sure the information held in your system is correct at all times. If your inventory system is inaccurate, proce...

Precise POS Loyalty & Payment Programs

The concept of a Loyalty Program is employed by retailers as a strategic means to help boost wallet share of the company with its customers. In of itself it provides little benefit, but when used as part of a detailed customer relationship managem...

POS Module Overview

POS Server license (Includes 5 users) This is the main purchase required to be able to run POS. In most cases this is the only license that will be required by the customer as it already includes the fi...

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