Long recognised as one of the world’s most visionary business application vendors, Epicor ’s latest generation of its enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) software is a game changer. Combining more than 20 years of experience, deep industry-specific functionality and a best-in-class technology foundation, Epicor ERP 10 can help take your business to the next level.

Epicor ERP is built with five key pillars supporting its architecture, approach and capabilities:

  • Collaboration

    Systems should allow people to work together inside and outside your firewall. Leverage social media concepts, the web and standard office automation tools to access and share the information in your Epicor system.

  • Choice

    Traditional on-premise deployment, hosted or cloud-based, virtualised or physical infrastructure – you choose the model that works best for your business. You can even mix and match or move between these over time.

  • Responsiveness

    The system should just work and allow you to work at the speed you need to. You need to be able to shape the system – screens, dashboards, processes, whatever – as circumstances change without needing to program the source code to Timbuktu. And if you do tailor the system and want to upgrade to a new release, or deploy the system to a new environment, is should as quick and easy as possible. Epicor ERP 10 has been engineered with these outcomes in mind.

  • Simplicity

    Based on a 100% Microsoft technology stack and the fourth generation of Epicor’s “TrueSOA™” service oriented architecture Epicor ICE, the software is designed to be instantly familiar user experience. Extensive graphical design tools simplify tailoring the system to capture the best of the unique elements of your business that today give you competitive advantage without sacrificing the best-in-class standard processes inherent in Epicor ERP 10.

  • Mobility

    Increasingly BYOD is defining how people accumulate data, access information and collaborate. Epicor ERP harnesses both native mobile app’s as well as 100% user access through common web browsers and touch screen interfaces to allow you to truly conduct business on the move using your favoured device.

Business Inspired

Epicor allows customers to think about their business from a fresh perspective, to focus on core growth activities, and to be inspired by the possibilities.

Inspired Manufacturing

Epicor delivers an entirely new approach to business software. Epicor solutions free manufacturers from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do – their core, revenue-generating activities.

Inspired Distribution

Epicor inspires distribution customers to think a new way about business. Epicor solutions free distributors from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do – procure goods and fulfill orders efficiently so you can deliver product when, where and how your customers want them.

Precise is a unique member of the Epicor family. For nearly all of those 20 years we have been helping our customers leverage their investment in Epicor’s solutions, and absorb changes in culture and process to gain maximum return. The strong reputation for partnership and results we have earned and maintained over such an extended period is remarkable enough, but in addition to that we also build world-class add-on products for Epicor’s solution that they sell around the world. We invite you to get information about Epicor Precise POS and Epicor Advanced Requisition Management to see if they can unlock further value from your Epicor software.

Precise are very proud to have been awarded as Epicor’s Worldwide Partner of the Year for both 2013 and 2014… You truly will be in safe hands. Our team of project managers, finance, operations and technical consultants, developers and architects can help design your solution and build an agreed scope to help you get where you want to go.

Be it “evolution” or “revolution”, our deep understanding of business, Epicor’s technology and the software’s functional capabilities can be the x-factor in reducing your risk and speeding the ‘time to value’ from your investment.

You can explore all that Precise and Epicor ERP 10 can offer through the links in this diagram, or you can contact us for a more personalised discussion on the solution and our service offerings.