Epicor Senior Living Solutions

It’s as tough as it sounds.

Fundamental to being able to achieve that, and plan for the future, is having a rock solid foundation in the technology and systems that help you run your business. Reliability, the systemised enforcement of standards and security around data are critical. However, at the same time those core systems need to be constantly evolving, able to adapt to the changes forced upon you in terms of compliance, the expectations of your clients and your organisation’s own strategic objectives.

Also a pretty tough nut to crack…

Epicor Senior Living Solution – “SLS” – blends world class financial and management, industry-specific billing and claims capabilities, client/resident management and a range of supporting functions all in a single solution. Its technology foundation is based on the principles of agility and accessibility.

And it is a proven leader in your industry.

Epicor SLS is a powerful platform built to support the needs of providers of aged and community care services. Our customers range from small niche providers to large, multi-functional groups, covering some of WA’s most highly regarded for-profit, NFP and church-based organisations.

One of the things that makes the latest generation SLS solution unique is not just that it embodies industry business best practices to help streamline and standardise operations, but its modern, adaptable technology allows providers to also retain those great things about their organisation that differentiate them. It doesn’t have to be “our way or the highway” in everything – where your organisation’s purpose or culture and approach to the way you deliver services need to keep reflecting who you are, we can cater for that in the system.

But you get to start from a very strong foundation of deep and rich functionality.
Epicor Senior Living Solutions

Wrapped around this core set of capabilities are additional world-class solutions for managing;

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting
Payroll and HR
Financials & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Precise and SLS

We have been helping aged and community care providers streamline the running their businesses and improving their levels of customer service for 10 years. Our team knows the industry, the terminology, the best practices and the people that have to use these systems. Contact us to talk more about how Precise and our solutions can be part of your organisation achieving its strategic vision.