Concur Expense Management

Calculating expenses can be extremely time-consuming for businesses that perform the task manually. However, with the right tools this process can be significantly simplified.

Concur Expense Management is an innovative automation software that streamlines expense claims resolution so that your company can achieve greater visibility across its expenditure, while also making substantial time savings.

The software has a number of key features that are designed to make life easier for both users and organisations, including pre-populated data fields to simplify the input process.

Travel booking details are also integrated directly into the system, reducing the amount of time spent manually keying in information. Users can:

  • Attach images and receipts to their claims with ease
  • Submit claims from mobile devices
  • Benefit from streamlined approval processes
  • Receive automatic repayment of expenses upon approval

If your organisation is hoping to reduce its expense management burden, Concur has a range of options to improve visibility over cashflow and future spending. Comprehensive business intelligence and reporting capabilities allow you to draw insights from expense data and see where savings can be made.

To aid better decision-making, Concur Expense Management gives summaries of itinerary data, out-of-pocket spend and credit card charges. You can also see how much you are spending in each expense category so you are in a better position to negotiate more attractive deals with suppliers.

These features help identify errors and spot fraudulent behaviour, as well as optimise transparency and facilitate compliance procedures. For example, certain options are available to ensure your expenses are correctly categorised for tax purposes, including FBT.

The system can also be tailored to incorporate your company’s specific expense regulations, allowing you to set limits so that users remain within policy guidelines.

Could Concur Expenses Management help your business bring a new level of sophistication to the expenses process? Please contact Precise Business Solutions to talk to one of our consultants.