Adaptive Planning

Adaptive PlanningRated by multiple different analysts as the market-leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) vendor, and on ‘faster growing software company’ lists around the world, Adaptive Insights is changing the game. Adaptive Planning and other modules in the Suite help you keep your forecasts as up to date as the underlying business conditions and assumptions change. Whether you have a single person responsible for reviewing and maintaining your Plans, or want multiple stakeholders across the organisation to be responsible for their piece of it in a totally secure and audited environment, Adaptive Planning is the right tool for the job. The familiar Excel-like user interface allows both corporate budget veterans and line and operational managers to build and use plans and models that reflect what is happening – and might in the future – in your business.

You can click for more information on Adaptive Discovery, the powerful business analytics and data visualisation module of the Adaptive Insights Suite.

Of course, the Precise professional services team has extensive experience deploying Adaptive alongside our ERP solutions, as well as a best-of-breed implementation either stand-alone or integrated to your existing Finance system.
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