NetSuite 2019 Update

Thank you for your interest in Precise Business Solutions as a provider for NetSuite
software. What you may not be aware of is that we sold the NetSuite division of our business
in November 2018. Read more about the sale.

The sale of our NetSuite division has allowed us to focus on our core offering to our
customers: Epicor ERP and our in-house developed integrated companion solutions Precise
Point of Sale (POS)
, Advanced Requisition Management (ARM) and Contracts and Services
Suite (CNS).

Precise Business Solutions has been a leading provider of business software solutions and
associated services to the Australian and international marketplace since 1995. NetSuite
remains an important part of our company’s history and we very much value the
relationships we built with our NetSuite customers.

Over the many years we have been in business we have found that we serve our customers
best when we are selective about the range of products and services we provide, and to
whom we provide these to, including the business size and industries we choose to work

We have also found that our most successful implementations are when we effectively
collaborate or partner with our customers, working closely with them to understand their
business goals and challenges.

A renewed focus for our business which removes NetSuite from our offering has allowed us
to be confident in our ability to continue to provide the highest degree of expert advice and
guidance. Our goal is to be your partner of choice by earning your trust and delivering on our
commitments now and into the future.

What do we do at Precise Business Solutions?

We empower medium to large businesses to optimise their operations with tailored ERP
software solutions, implemented collaboratively using our agile Precision methodology. We
make it our business to understand yours, with your project and business goals guiding each
stage of the process.
We specialise in the provision of Epicor ERP software and our in-house developed
integrated companion solutions for:

Precise Business Solutions is an Epicor Certified Partner and the recipient of the Epicor
International Partner of the Year Award in 2018, 2014 and 2013.

Why do we believe in Epicor ERP solutions for our customers?

Epicor scales from supporting highly focused growing SME’s to large and geographically
dispersed companies, warehouses and operational locations with ease. By centralising data,
the platform provides maximum visibility across an organisation’s entire operations.
Epicor ERP empowers your workforce with a consistent user experience at their desk, or
from their mobile device – designed for the way we work today.

The software is available as an on-premise or hosted cloud-based solution, meaning
organisations can opt for an deployment and licensing model that best suits their specific
industry requirements.

With Epicor you have the flexibility of options that best suit your business, with your choice of
deployment and your choice of device. Watch the video below to learn more about Epicor
Cloud ERP software.


Epicor ERP gives a business the flexibility and scalability needed to tackle today’s rapidly
evolving business landscape. The results speak for themselves, with reduced costs, higher
productivity and increased agility.

Read more about selecting the right ERP solution for your business here: How to Successfully Select an ERP System in Eight Simple Steps.

We invite you to learn more about our products and services by touring our site and to
contact us for further information and assistance.



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