Sophisticated business software enables organisations to optimise processes, streamline efficiencies and drive productivity across key departments. These benefits make ERP systems a crucial investment for many modern companies.

However, selecting an appropriate ERP delivery model that fits your company’s unique way of operating can be a challenge. Cloud-based and on-premise platforms both have advantages that may appeal to your business, but what if neither model quite suits your needs?

Hosted solutions offer an effective compromise, which could allow you to benefit from the best of both worlds. Under this arrangement, you can buy ERP software outright and then purchase or hire the necessary physical and virtual servers at a secure hosting facility to run the system.

Other hosting setups are also available, meaning you can choose the best option for your current circumstances. For example, you can pick a subscription bundle where you rent both the ERP system and the servers.

Key benefits of hosted ERP solutions include;

  • Advantages of cloud and on-premise features
  • More flexibility over future ERP setup
  • Software ownership
  • Security and disaster recovery options
  • Managed IT services


Why adopt a hosted solution?

Investing in a comprehensive ERP system is important, but to get the most out of your platform you must choose the right delivery model. There are a number of reasons why businesses may opt for hosted solutions rather than on-premise or cloud software.

Maintenance Support

Organisations may not have the IT infrastructure or resources in-house to support a fully on-premise solution.

Easy Shift to On-Premise

It is much easier to move hosted solutions to on-premise than to bring a cloud-based platform back in-house because of differences in system architecture.


Organisations may be hesitant to have their company data hosted in the cloud, which makes a dedicated server the preferred option if an on-premise solution isn’t possible.


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