Wholesale & Distribution Solutions

Precise Business Solutions offers wholesale and distribution solutions that streamline supply chain and customer relationship management processes.

Remaining competitive in today’s modern commercial environment is a challenge. Customers expect more product options, better quality goods and immediate availability, putting increased pressure on supply chain management (SCM) functions.

Organisations that can effectively meet these expectations without interruption to business operations can enjoy faster turnaround times, higher revenues and improved customer satisfaction.

However, achieving this is easier said than done. It requires a sophisticated supply chain supporting the process, as well as the specific tools to efficiently procure, assemble, ship and deliver goods.

This is where ERP systems provided by Precise Business Solutions can help, ensuring your wholesale and distribution services reach a new level of sophistication.

Our Epicor system offers flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to enjoy productivity gains across multiple departments. We can tailor your software to suit a simple pick, pack and ship operation or build extensive multi-order channel processing services.

This customisation is a core part of our offering, giving you peace of mind that your ERP solution is fit for purpose. We can also offer extensive employee training and development to further optimise the outcomes of upgrading your business systems.