Precise Point Of Sale ( POS )

Precise offers sophisticated solutions for companies looking to exceed customer expectations through delivery of a consistent and easy experience.

Today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever before, with the rise in digital technology adoption creating a need for faster, better and on-demand goods and services.

Not only this, employees also expect better access to the tools and technology they require to cope with such a fast-paced and evolving environment.

Retailers who fail to meet these exceptional standards are likely to quickly lose ground in a competitive market against more tech-savvy rivals, damaging both revenues and reputation. Clearly, the pressure is on for businesses to bring their technology infrastructure up to standard – and with our retail solutions they can do just that.

Epicor Precise Point of Sale (POS) has been designed to drive greater performance in retail/counter sale operations by extending the power of your Epicor Finance and Supply Chain Management solution to a customer-facing environment.

The software offers accurate, fast Precise Point of Sale (POS) transactions processing through an intuitive, sophisticated user interface, helping provide you with the ability to boost productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Epicor Precise POS seamlessly integrates with your existing Epicor platforms, helping staff quickly become familiar with the new software while lowering management and maintenance overheads.

The system offers comprehensive features across a number of crucial retailing requirements, including:

  • Product and customer management
  • Cash, account and lay-away sales and payments
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Quotes and orders
  • Comprehensive promotions and bundle pricing
  • Loyalty programs, gift cards and vouchers
  • Multi-currency pricing and payments
  • On-line/off-line processing capabilities.

If you are looking to bring your retail operations to the next level, investing in POS solutions could offer the additional functionality you need to set yourself apart from your competitors, and give your customers the best experience possible.

Key features and benefits

Epicor Precise POS has a range of features and functions to streamline retail processes, providing benefits for you and your customers.

Powerful production selection

Retailers can quickly and easily scan, type or search for product codes, taking advantage of powerful search capabilities using simple criteria, inventory-fast keys and easy-to-use push-button drilldown methods.

You can also enquire about and sell products across all store locations, as well as define multiple codes for a single product, whether it’s the supplier barcode, EAN or UPC.

Enhanced customer visibility

The software allows you to create and manage customer accounts at POS, with global drill down to account detail functionality. Customer trade discounts can be automatically applied for ultimate efficiency.

On-account sales with AR credit checking is also available, and employees can enforce specific business rules depending on customer type.

Centralised management

Control and oversee POS across your entire organisation, enjoying complete visibility over store systems from a single desktop application.

Businesses can also enter and control stock counts at the store level, either directly or through a handheld device.


Epicor Precise POS can be deployed quickly across multiple locations and is designed to scale from single-station outlets to multi-station establishments.

Utilising offline capabilities, the software does not rely on head office connection, which ensures your stores remain online at all times.

Investing in retail solutions

The above features are just some of the ways Epicor Precise POS can optimise your retail functions, but there are many more benefits.

Flexible and convenient tendering options, granular security and authorisations, and comprehensive shift management capabilities are all available.

There are also extensive form- and report-printing functions, including crystal reports that allow full access to creating your own documents. This flexibility ensures you always have the information you need at your fingertips to assess past and present performance to shape future strategies.

Investing in Epicor Precise POS will help you breathe new life into your retail outlets, inspire staff and drive customer satisfaction higher than ever before.

For more information, please read our Epicor Precise POS brochure to learn about the features and functions available to retailers through the software.