Who’s in Control of your Purchasing Process?

Procuring goods and services is typically a significant area of spend – for most organisations. Yet whether you are a public or private company, for or not for profit, managing this spend and the processes around it is typically not something a great deal of time is spent on. The concept of a PO might be foreign to your business, even though you have a pretty clear policy defined somewhere on who is allowed to spend what sort of money for what purpose, how expenditure should be approved, and so on. Indeed, there may even be an external audit requirement – apart from just plain good business sense – to have those authorisation flows adhered to.

Architected as a fully web-based solution tightly integrated to your Epicor ERP platform, Precise Advanced Requisition Management (ARM) is a full-cycle platform allowing the fast and simple entry and approval routing of requisitions through to the resulting purchase orders and transfer requests in Epicor. It uses a catalogue metaphor of approved vendors, goods and services – optionally incorporating all or some of your Epicor inventory/parts list – that end-users instantly feel comfortable with and hides away the complexity of the underlying ERP solution.

ARM uses a flexible, user-defined hierarchy enabling requests to be delivered to the relevant individual for approval. The route a given requisition line takes is controlled by a combination of location, part/service type and all or part of its destination GL account code.

The logical, intuitive user interface (UI) allows requisitions and transfer requests to be raised, submitted and approved rapidly. This simplicity makes it incredibly easy for employees both to learn and use. Automated e-mail alerts provide status updates as the request progresses, further increasing the efficiency of the process. And approvers have the option of delegating their authority when unavailable for an extended period of time.

There is also the option to provide “punch-out” functionality, allowing users to select items within a supplier’s webstore or on-line catalogue, and on ‘check-out’ place those items onto the current requisition and move it through the normal approval process within ARM.


With ARM you can:

  • Get visibility and control
  • Standardise and streamline
  • Reduce costs and waste.

There are many features and capabilities within ARM that can have a significant positive impact on your procurement process and culture. As the solution is sold and supported directly by Epicor around the world, you can find out more by contacting your Epicor Customer Account Manager or local Partner.

Click here for the ARM Customer Resource Centre or ARM Partner Resource Centre. If you do not yet have a username and password for these, please Contact us.