Who’s in Control of your Purchasing Process?

Procuring goods and services is typically a significant area of spend – for most organisations. Yet whether you are a public or private company, for or not for profit, managing this spend and the processes around it is typically not something a great deal of time is spent on. The concept of a PO might be foreign to your business, even though you have a pretty clear policy defined somewhere on who is allowed to spend what sort of money for what purpose, how expenditure should be approved, and so on. Indeed, there may even be an external audit requirement – apart from just plain good business sense – to have those authorisation flows adhered to.

Partner Centre

At Precise we understand the valuable role our Partners play in helping take our solutions to the field and helping customers get the most value from them they can.  To help we are continually developing new and updated materials to help keep you – and through you our customers and potential customers – as informed as possible about where Precise Products are at and are going.  Our Partner Resource Centre is your one-stop-shop for information and other tools related to Precise Products, and is open to all Epicor employees and authorised Channel Partners.  If you don’t already have a login, please contact us at products@precisebusiness.com.au.