Oil, gas and mining services

Organisations that service the oil, gas and mining industries can experience numerous benefits from sophisticated enterprise software provided by Precise Business Solutions.

Australia’s natural resources industry has been a crucial driver of the country’s strong economic performance in recent years. However, with the mining boom subsiding, companies must find increasingly innovative ways to maximise productivity and reduce costs.

As oil, gas and mining businesses begin to make changes to their operations in order to save money and boost efficiency, companies providing essential services to these sectors are required to do the same.

Manufacturers, services and maintenance providers, consultants and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firms are just a few examples of organisations that must now streamline their processes.

This is why many oil, gas and mining services companies can benefit from ERP solutions to adapt to change, exceed customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge over rivals.

Software provided by Precise Business Solutions can cover several key processes for these organisations, including financial management, project management, field service management and customer relationship management.

Key benefits of oil, gas and mining services software include;

  • Better control over contractual obligations, outstanding warranties and service-level agreements.
  • Optimised management capabilities across simple and complex, multi-phased projects, including efficient costing.
  • Sophisticated asset management processes.
  • Comprehensive features for multiple manufacturing set-ups, such as make-to-order, engineer-to-order and mixed-mode systems.
  • Simplified quoting and estimations.

Precise Business Solutions offers tailored on-premise and cloud implementations, ensuring companies in energy-related industries can choose the ideal software for their specific purposes.

With a range of mobility options, these solutions are accessible from anywhere, at any time and across a range of devices. A modular design allows for maximum flexibility and scalability to enable the software to grow as a company expands.