A Day At Precise

The day usually begins for most staff with a nice coffee from our espresso machine in the kitchen. Then back to the desk to check emails and plan the day. Some consultants go straight to the client site from home and we may not see them for days or even weeks, but we are always in contact through email, Lync and Yammer. Project and Company documentation is stored in Sharepoint hosted on Office 365 so information is only an internet connection away.

The four Meeting Rooms are buzzing with activity – planning workshops, team meetings, strategic planning, design sessions and training. The Boardroom is busy being prepared for a Product Demonstration for a potential customer – catering organised and refreshments ready to go!

Today, some of our team who are talented in the kitchen have brought in some baked treats for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. We host a morning tea, donations are collected and sent to the Cancer Council to help those affected by cancer.

With over 40 people in the Mount Hawthorn office, the tasks and conversations are wide and varied;

  • Precise Product Support are listening carefully to a customer in Fiji and talking them through a query they have.
  • A Consultant is remotely connected to a customer site – their statement run needs to be configured to cater for a new requirement.
  • The Executive team are in the Boardroom having their monthly management meeting.
  • The Sales Engineer is working through some demonstration scenarios in preparation for a customer presentation.
  • Marketing are preparing for the Australian Oil and Gas event – we need flyers, business cards, monitors, roll-ups and more!
  • QA are busy testing a new release of POS – this release has heaps of new features so all hands on deck to meet our deadline.
  • A Project Meeting is in progress in one of the meeting rooms. The Project Manager is discussing project milestones and deliverables with the consultants involved in this Epicor customer project.
  • Admin are processing Employee Expense Claims – much easier these days now that we have implemented Concur for our own use.

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